Lives Better Than Ever Under Quarantine by Tim McGraw And Faith Hill

In a heartwarming story that actually poses some suspicious concerns, one magazine says that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are thriving in lockdown with their families. What’s going on, Gossip Cop will explain.

Tim McGraw And The Happy House Of Faith Hill
Yeah! Yeah! All right! He says that at the McGraw-Hill home, there was nothing but bliss. “While they can be proud of their careers and relationships, the magazine says they are most proud of their lives together, whispers an anonymous source,” Family is everything to them. Given the time they get to spend with their kids, the couple are even happier.

What’s here in the story?
Although all that sounds just plain good, it just doesn’t match well with OK! ‘Hill and McGraw ‘s previous reporting. In the household and everything, we might assume that there is peace, but the second anonymous source chimes in with very precise information, we get suspicious. Who could the insider probably be in this case? Are we expected to believe that the two are telling a third party about their lives, turning around and selling their story? Besides, here, there is no particular perspective. Earlier, McGraw specifically shared anecdotes about his chicken and dumplings, including an interview with Kelly Clarkson where he often spoke about making the dish because it was what initially won over Hill before they began dating.

Plus, in this story, there is less details available than you would get from McGraw and Hill themselves. We already knew, for example, that they loved having their daughters at home.

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